Solo Tour to Algarve


Hello, my readers!

I have been away for some days. Portugal is the reason why. I wanted to go to Portugal so I booked a flight ticket to Algarve. Well, why Portugal?

What interest me about Portugal is that I wanted to know the different between Spain and Portugal. I have some ideas about countries like France, Italy, and Germany. If you think of France, Italy, and Germany… you have heard about the Eiffel Tower, baguettes, gelato, Rome, Venice, and Milan, and the list goes on.

So what did I do in Algarve?

  • Met other travelers
  • Ate Bacalhau and Frango Pirri Pirri
  • Watching the sunset
  • Walking around the City
  • Traveled around Algarve: Vila St de Antoine, Monte Gorde, Faro, and Lagos



So this was my journey to Algarve



  • It took only 20-30 minutes from the Airport to Faro, with the local bus 16 (cost 2-3 euros). It is possible to walk from the Airport to Faro, which took me 1 hour – 1 hour 30 min.
  • I tried a Portuguese fish dish called Bacalhau. It tasted amazing! You should try it at Tasquinha Cruzeiro, which I tried Frango Pirri Pirri, which I did not like. As an Asian, I like food with lots of spices, which I mean this dish did not have. Also, try Pastel de Nata which is a dessert.
  • Eva bus will take you to the other places around Algarve. You need to check the timetable for Eva bus because the buses do not go regularly.
  • You should spend more time in the cities West of Faro if you want to see the Caves. The pictures of the caves are taken in Lagos. Also, I wanted to go to Cape St Vincent. In Cape St Vincent you can get a beautiful view of the sunset, which I did not have time for.
  • In East of Faro, you will find more of the beaches, which is great too. It was also possible to see Spain from Vila St de Antoine.


My Opinion around the trip: it was really amazing and the most beautiful place that I have ever been too. When I saw the cave I got so in Love with it. (PS! I have some video that I will upload later).

Do you have any question? I would love to answer them!



3 thoughts on “Solo Tour to Algarve

  1. Im so excited I will be heading there in about a week. Did you do any hiking while you were there?

    • You should! Faro is an amazing place. I recommend you to take the bus (EVA ) or the train to Lagos or Cape St Vincent. Lagos has a lot of beautiful nature. You can also relax on the beach Lagos too. I wanted to go to Cape St. Vincent for hiking but unfortunately, I did not have enough time.

      • Thank you! We rented a car but yes feel like time is going to be precious. Will try to make it to Cape St. Vincent

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