Portuguese Bacalhau à Brás – Inspired

After trying Bacalhau, I wanted to make it back home, in Norway. The dish has a lot of flavors just so you know.



photo: thetravolution.com


  • 400g codfish
  • 200g Potatoes ( I used sweet potatoes)
  • 50g Bacon
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 onion
  • 1 dl (0.4 cups) olive oil
  1. Cut first the potatoes and the onion. Try to cut the potatoes into thin slices.  Warm the pan first, and then add the olive oil, the potatoes, and the onion. Fry the ingredients till they look golden-ish.
  2. Dry the codfish with a paper towel. Then cut the fish and the bacon. Add this to the frying pan with the other ingredients.
  3. When the bacon and the fish are cooked, and then add four beaten eggs. Stir till the eggs seem finished.
  4. Serve this with salads and olives.

Bon Apetite!! 😉




My Story about Traveling

Hi, as you know I am Kiwi. I write on this blog about everything. This post will be my story of the seed of my travels. (Later I will tell more about my trips, why I travel, why alone, my plans and more).


So here begins my story….


I remember when I sat around the table with some exchange students, in Autumn 2012. My Korean friend was speaking, and she told us about the trip she was going to do in Europe. This made me curious! I have never been to other places in Europe, just only in Sweeden (to buy cheap food). So my questions to her were:


“aren’t you afraid travel alone since you are a girl? is not dangerous out there? What are you going to do when you are there? ”

(Well, it is funny when I look back. I get the same questions from my friends and other people about traveling alone. Now, I feel wiser about traveling. It can be dangerous to travel alone, but as long as you do some background research it will be ok.)

After that day, I went back home and couldn’t stop thinking about traveling around Europe. I was constantly daydreaming and fantasizing about traveling.  it seems so adventurous and also dangerous to travel alone. The only places that I have been in were only Vietnam and Sweeden and both time I was never alone.

A few weeks later, I saw an advertisement about traveling to Italy. This was it! I felt the rush and the energy when I saw how cheap it was to travel. So I was doing some research about the flight tickets. But as a person, I had a lot of voices inside my head (wait I am not crazy if you think so, or maybe?). You guys want to guess what they told me?

They told me: no you can’t, it will be dangerous, you don’t have enough money you are the only student, where to live etc…. So on that day, I did not purchase the ticket.

Well, they told me: no you can’t, it will be too dangerous, you don’t have enough money, you are only a student, and where are you going to stay? So on that day, I did not purchase the tickets.

But, I kept coming back to the website. 3 days later I finally bought a ticket from Trondheim to Venice, and from Milano to Trondheim. I got really excited. I felt just like a happy kid. A kid that is waiting to open a present. I needed to tell my friend all about it. I went straight to her and told her that I was going alone for the first time to Italy.

I remember that she said something about “wow, what are you going to do there alone, it can be dangerous”. I don’t remember well, but I think it was also another friend of mine that wanted her to join me because it could be dangerous for me to go alone. So no, it was not my first trip alone, but it was a seed that led to my passion for traveling alone.  Btw, I am glad she joined me haha… because well that is another story that I am going to tell.

After my first trip to Europe with my friend, I got more passion for traveling. I went after that trip to England and Spain (with my siblings), Gran Canary (with friends), then alone to Japan (met a friend there), but then I went to Nice in France alone where I manage to be alone by myself. Then I discovered that it was fun to travel alone. So after that trip, I have been traveling to other places such as  Latvia, North-America, Portugal, and Monaco.




Cream Cheese Pancake

I love experimenting with food. So this time I have tried to make cream cheese pancake (I have also tried banana pancake which is also good).



(I love bacon and avocado… so I was craving for they)



  • 60g cream cheese
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 eggs
  • cinnamon

So what you do is beat the cream cheese and the eggs together or you can use a blender. After, you can add the rest of the ingredients. Then you fry the mixture in a frying pan.

(Serving tips: bacon and avocado, berries, jam or jelly, or plain)