Why I Travel

Hi Kiwi, why do you travel alone? This question is something I get asked a lot. So let me answer this once for all to you and all of my friends!

The reasons why I travel:

  • Experience the culture
  • Creating a journey to the destination
  • Meeting new people
  • Be more independent
  • Do things I want and not waste my time
  • Stories to share
  • Expanding my perspective
  • Be more present
  • Get inspiration

#1 Experience the Culture


You get to see different cultures when you travel. As a Norwegian with Vietnamese parent, I have always been curious about different cultures.  I try always to understand people through how they are thinking and acting,  how they are different from my Asian and Norwegian cultures, and what similarity do we all share. I find it interesting since culture is one of the factors which impacts on the lifestyle.

#2 Create a journey to the destination

For me, the destination is not the important thing, but the path to it. I enjoy walking around. When I know that I want to see something, I prefer to walk to the destination. Because by walking it allows me to enjoy the view and see people around me. On the path to your destination,  you-you can experience things and meet people (which can help you or maybe become your friends).


#3 Meeting new people

I am a person that gets a lot of energy when I am talking to people. I like to get to know people because people are different. They have differents backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. I like the idea of sharing experiences and knowledge with each other. You get company by new people too! When I travel alone, I like to join other solo travelers.

#4 Be more independent

Yeah,  you read it right: I am a Norwegian-Vietnamese independent woman! When traveling alone, I have to be mentally strong, when facing challenges. You don’t have anyone you know right there to help you. You need to know where you are heading(sometimes I don’t), and you are the one in charge! I love that feeling because I feel free.

#5 Do things I want and not waste my time

I have traveled with friends, family, and classmates. It is fun too. You have company and photographers! But sometimes it can be a little bit tired because you have to do things you don’t like. But it is your friend/family you have to sacrifice your time since you care about them too! 🙂 You will also get a drama free vacation! PEACE OUT

#6 Experience stories that I can share

I am random! This means I do random stuff and I get into random situations. That is fine because from those situations or activities I got funny or random stories to share with people who cares.


#7 Expanding my perspective

As I mention in #1 Experience new culture, this contributes to expanding my perspective because I learn from people and the cultures on how they see the world. Then I can take the ideas and the concepts that I like and applied in my daily life.

#8 Be more present

In the modern society of today, with all the digital technologies it is difficult to be present. You constantly get notification from Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. I don’t have access to WiFi when I travel. This allows me to enjoy everything around me.

#9 Get inspiration

I am a person that sucks all the things around me. Do I find something I like, well I bring it back to Norway. For example, when I eat food I like, I always try to find a recipe on the food and make it in my way.


Solo Tour to Algarve


Hello, my readers!

I have been away for some days. Portugal is the reason why. I wanted to go to Portugal so I booked a flight ticket to Algarve. Well, why Portugal?

What interest me about Portugal is that I wanted to know the different between Spain and Portugal. I have some ideas about countries like France, Italy, and Germany. If you think of France, Italy, and Germany… you have heard about the Eiffel Tower, baguettes, gelato, Rome, Venice, and Milan, and the list goes on.

So what did I do in Algarve?

  • Met other travelers
  • Ate Bacalhau and Frango Pirri Pirri
  • Watching the sunset
  • Walking around the City
  • Traveled around Algarve: Vila St de Antoine, Monte Gorde, Faro, and Lagos



So this was my journey to Algarve



  • It took only 20-30 minutes from the Airport to Faro, with the local bus 16 (cost 2-3 euros). It is possible to walk from the Airport to Faro, which took me 1 hour – 1 hour 30 min.
  • I tried a Portuguese fish dish called Bacalhau. It tasted amazing! You should try it at Tasquinha Cruzeiro, which I tried Frango Pirri Pirri, which I did not like. As an Asian, I like food with lots of spices, which I mean this dish did not have. Also, try Pastel de Nata which is a dessert.
  • Eva bus will take you to the other places around Algarve. You need to check the timetable for Eva bus because the buses do not go regularly.
  • You should spend more time in the cities West of Faro if you want to see the Caves. The pictures of the caves are taken in Lagos. Also, I wanted to go to Cape St Vincent. In Cape St Vincent you can get a beautiful view of the sunset, which I did not have time for.
  • In East of Faro, you will find more of the beaches, which is great too. It was also possible to see Spain from Vila St de Antoine.


My Opinion around the trip: it was really amazing and the most beautiful place that I have ever been too. When I saw the cave I got so in Love with it. (PS! I have some video that I will upload later).

Do you have any question? I would love to answer them!