Why I Travel

Hi Kiwi, why do you travel alone? This question is something I get asked a lot. So let me answer this once for all to you and all of my friends!

The reasons why I travel:

  • Experience the culture
  • Creating a journey to the destination
  • Meeting new people
  • Be more independent
  • Do things I want and not waste my time
  • Stories to share
  • Expanding my perspective
  • Be more present
  • Get inspiration

#1 Experience the Culture


You get to see different cultures when you travel. As a Norwegian with Vietnamese parent, I have always been curious about different cultures.  I try always to understand people through how they are thinking and acting,  how they are different from my Asian and Norwegian cultures, and what similarity do we all share. I find it interesting since culture is one of the factors which impacts on the lifestyle.

#2 Create a journey to the destination

For me, the destination is not the important thing, but the path to it. I enjoy walking around. When I know that I want to see something, I prefer to walk to the destination. Because by walking it allows me to enjoy the view and see people around me. On the path to your destination,  you-you can experience things and meet people (which can help you or maybe become your friends).


#3 Meeting new people

I am a person that gets a lot of energy when I am talking to people. I like to get to know people because people are different. They have differents backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. I like the idea of sharing experiences and knowledge with each other. You get company by new people too! When I travel alone, I like to join other solo travelers.

#4 Be more independent

Yeah,  you read it right: I am a Norwegian-Vietnamese independent woman! When traveling alone, I have to be mentally strong, when facing challenges. You don’t have anyone you know right there to help you. You need to know where you are heading(sometimes I don’t), and you are the one in charge! I love that feeling because I feel free.

#5 Do things I want and not waste my time

I have traveled with friends, family, and classmates. It is fun too. You have company and photographers! But sometimes it can be a little bit tired because you have to do things you don’t like. But it is your friend/family you have to sacrifice your time since you care about them too! 🙂 You will also get a drama free vacation! PEACE OUT

#6 Experience stories that I can share

I am random! This means I do random stuff and I get into random situations. That is fine because from those situations or activities I got funny or random stories to share with people who cares.


#7 Expanding my perspective

As I mention in #1 Experience new culture, this contributes to expanding my perspective because I learn from people and the cultures on how they see the world. Then I can take the ideas and the concepts that I like and applied in my daily life.

#8 Be more present

In the modern society of today, with all the digital technologies it is difficult to be present. You constantly get notification from Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. I don’t have access to WiFi when I travel. This allows me to enjoy everything around me.

#9 Get inspiration

I am a person that sucks all the things around me. Do I find something I like, well I bring it back to Norway. For example, when I eat food I like, I always try to find a recipe on the food and make it in my way.